I have been big or obese since I can remember.  I have tried all sorts of diets and tried working out and enrolled in gyms that I do not even go to every day, having feeling pain on my back and knees to the point that just bending down was giving me a hard time.  Upon meeting Coach Joseph, things changed.  He made me stronger, explained clearly why I was having those kinds of pain, made me realize that everything in our body is connected through muscles.  He keeps assuring me that it is not an overnight result, he keeps explaining that it is a slow but ASSURED result, that it should not be rushed, that results vary on the person.  He was able to remove my pain through strengthening the surrounding muscles, I am now able to squat, which was very very hard for me and it hurt my knees. 
Coach Joseph and I have known only for 2 years, but it was been fruitful and worthwhile!  Thank you, Coach!! 🙂